Data Protection

For the purposes of the use of these websites by calling up one of the pages accessible under the domain we do not collect and use person-related data of the users unless the user sends us an email to one of the email addresses indicated on our webpages. In this case we will save sender’s email address as well as the contents of the email on the servers of our email provider or on our servers or client computers, possibly on the mobile email receiver units. We only use the data relayed to us for the purpose for which they were relayed to us (contact, establishment of a contact).

When our website is accessed, no person-related data are collected. In particular, the IP address of the accessing host system will not be saved. For the quantitative measurement of the accesses, where required, only anonymous data relating to the accesses are saved in log files (name of the called-up file, date and time of the access, indication whether the access was successful). An identification of a specific person is not possible in this way.

We do not use these data outside of the area of application of Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (ABl. EG no. L 281 p. 31).

In accordance with Art. 34 Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) we will, on request, furnish particulars relating to the stored data associated with the person of a user or his/her pseudonym. This information may, on request of the user, also be furnished electronically.

Our websites contain links to Internet pages of other providers of teleservices. We have no influence on these providers’ compliance with the statutory data protection regulations. Therefore, you should also check the data protection declarations offered there.

The re-assignment to another service provider is indicated to the user by a correspondingly underlined link appearing on the screen.