ZWIPF ROSENHAGEN RECHTSANWÄLTE was founded as a lawyer partnership by the Counsellors of Justice Dr. Schramm and Dr. Rauchenberger in Munich in 1879 and has been operated under the present name in the legal form of a registered partnership corporation since 1997.

As early as at the time of the formation of the Partnership by the Counsellors of Justice Dr. Christoph Schramm and Dr. Max Rauchenberger the groundwork for the priorities of our exercise of profession practised until today particularly in the fields of industrial property protection and copyright was laid. Throughout the now 130 years of tradition, a comprehensive wealth of experience was accumulated of which our clients profit today and which constitutes the integral foundation of our present self-understanding as lawyers committed to the sector of commercial law. Since then the utmost professional quality and personal integrity are central to our work.

We comprehensively advise domestic and international companies and public corporations in matters of contracts, investment projects and in litigious controversies. In hand-picked cases we also advise private individuals in the organisation of their personal concerns. Following the Reunification of the two German states in 1990 we expanded our activities to the territory of the new eastern states and have, finally, been centring upon our office in Dresden for some years now. With our office in Dresden we are close to and part of the special economic development of this part of Germany and are able to perfectly combine our particular interest in the fields of music, arts and culture with our profession.

In addition to their particular legal expertise, the lawyers at ZWIPF ROSENHAGEN RECHTSANWÄLTE also have detailed knowledge of the economic and technical background of specific industries to ensure an economically and business-oriented counselling of their clients.

Our work is also, to a high degree, international in character. Together with specialised law firms abroad we ensure an optimum support of our clients in international matters.

ZWIPF ROSENHAGEN RECHTSANWÄLTE also actively participate in legal innovation. We develop new and improve existing legal concepts and organisation options and contribute to the clarification of legal key issues, be it as representatives of parties in fundamental court procedures or as authors of technical contributions in juridical literature. Beyond that we are represented in numerous professional associations.