Service Provider

The responsible service provider of the website is

Zwipf Rosenhagen Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft
In charge: Rechtsanwalt Andreas Zwipf

Palaisplatz 3
, 01097 Dresden

Telephon: +49 (0)351 80081-0
Telefax:   +49 (0)351 80081-20

Local Court Dresden: PR 42.

Professional Associations

The lawyers Walter Zwipf, Andreas Zwipf, Klaus Rosenhagen, Michael Schönfelder and Jens Themann have associated as partners in the form of a partnership with the objective of a permanent exercise of profession. The partnership has its registered office in Dresden. It is legally represented by the lawyer Andreas Zwipf at the Office of the Partnership and is registered in the Partnership Register of the Local Court Dresden under PR 42.

Supervisory Authority

The competent supervisory authority is

Rechtsanwaltskammer Sachsen
Glacisstraße 6, 01099 Dresden

Telephon: 0351 318590
Telefax:   0351 3360899

Statutory Occupational Title

The accredited professionals working in the Law Firm are German lawyers. The statutory occupational title "lawyer" was conferred in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Professional Organisation

The lawyers are members of the Chamber of Lawyers and admitted under the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. The occupational title "lawyer" was conferred in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Rechtsanwaltskammer Sachsen
Glacisstraße 6
, 01099 Dresden


Telephon: 0351 318590
Telefax:    0351 3360899

Rules of Professional Conduct

The rules of professional conduct are:

  • the Federal Code for the Legal Profession (BRAO)
  • the Rules of Professional Conduct (BORA)
  • the Regulations for Lawyers Specialised in Specific Areas of Law (FAO)
  • the Lawyers‘ Compensation Act (RVG)
  • the Act Regulating the Activity of European Lawyers in Germany (EuRAG)
  • the Code of Conduct for Lawyers in the European Union (CCBE)
  • the Professional Conduct-related Amendment to the Money Laundering Act (GwG)

We are permitted to link to the heading “Rules of Professional Conduct” of the Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer (link to on Art. 5 German Broadcast Media Act (TMG). Here, the Rules of Professional Conduct can be accessed and viewed in German as well as in English.

Sales Tax Identification Number

The Partnership was allocated the Sales Tax Identification Number DE 192880163.

General Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions including the provisions relating to applicable law or to the place of jurisdiction are only on rare occasions the basis of the actions subject to the professional rules governing the practice of law of the Lawyers of the Partnership in the specific mandate. In general, general terms and conditions and the mentioned provisions will not be applied.

Professional Liability Insurer

Allianz Versicherungs-AG
10900 Berlin

The Lawyers are insured by the Professional Liability Insurer in the territorial extension of the entire territory of the EU and the countries of the Treaty on the European Economic Area.

Lawyers are, on the basis of the Federal Code for the Legal Profession (BRAO), obliged to maintain a third party liability insurance having a minimum sum insured of EUR 250,000. The details arise from Art. 51 BRAO. All Lawyers of the Partnership maintain a professional liability insurance exceeding the minimum sum insured.


Extrajudicial Mediation

In case of disputes between lawyers and their clients arising from the mandate there is, on application, the option of an extrajudicial mediation in the Chamber of Lawyers Saxony.

Rechtsanwaltskammer Sachsen
Glacisstraße 6
, 01099 Dresden

Telephon: 0351 318590
Telefax:    0351 3360899

An independent arbitration board competent throughout Germany is attended to by the Arbitration Board of the legal profession at the German Federal Lawyer’s Association.

Schlichtungsstelle der Rechtsanwaltschaft
Neue Grünstraße 17/18
, 10179 Berlin


Telephon: 030 2844410

Telefax:    030 284441712


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Ölgemälde mit Bildausschnitten: Gisela Franzen-Schramm, „Der Fluß und die Brücke“, 1994.

Portraitfotos: Lars Neumann, Dresden